The Live Network (TLN) wishes to welcome you as a host of one of our promotional nights. We run promotions including Quizzo Live Trivia, Bar Bingo, Tune Trivia, Karaoke, FantasySportsBars.com and more! It is the goal of TLN to assist you with the success of the promotion you are running, and so we have prepared this guide to address the expectations of both TLN and yourself in preparation for the start of the night. The following outline will detail how our live promotions work.

How our promotions work for venues:

The Live Network (TLN) provides bars and venues across the country with one of our unique promotional tools, including the Quizzo Live Trivia game night. TLN promotions are designed to boost patron attendance during one weeknight for roughly two hours. We have successfully operated since the late 1990’s in more than twenty-five states providing entertainment in bars, restaurants, breweries, and other venues to boost attendance and create a solid national platform for promotions.